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A great moment of relaxation.

Everyone jump in their buoy and set off at the same time behind a powerful water ski boat, thrills guaranteed.

Turns, accelerations, wave jumps, hold on to the handles!

Good humor guaranteed!!!

• SOFA: ideal for a family ride, since the speed can be adopted according to the degree of sensation desired.

• HURRICANE: Made for thrill seekers! eager for an adrenaline rush never felt before!!

• RACE CAR: all new buoy for even more sensation, with the RaceCar come and learn about the towed buoy for 3 year olds! (for tours with children, ask for a ride in morning because the sea is often calmer)

fixed price of:  25 euros / person

provision of:10/12 minutes on the buoy of your choice + approximately5/10minutes in the boat for the exit / enters the port.

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